Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Weekend - San Fransisco 13 July 2008

Walked to Pier 41 after breakfast to go on the Baycruise from pier 41 to the Golden Gate and around the Alcatraz.. again couldnt stop taking pics of Golden Gate :)

Had our lunch there then bye bye San Fransisco.... :(

Definitely great weekend!! Absolutely fabulous and delightful hahhaha

(to be continued...)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Embarrassing Process of getting phone # someone u kinda like

That was just a dream…..


1st try :

Call and text his friend asked for his # , had a pretty good reason for that :P, nope he didn’t reply, why?? Lol God knows why.


2nd accident try :

His drunk friend found out from one of my drunk mates (thanks for being my spokesperson :P)  that I kinda like him and was going to call him when he was really drunk at 4am hahahaha thank God he didn’t call, he couldn’t really find his #, too drunk. I said give me the # I’ll call him (better than the drunken master call :P God knows what he’s gonna say or do). He then said no I don’t think u have guts to call him. Make sense :P


3rd try :

Again to the same drunken master :P Don’t call him now, ur drunk and its 4am, just give me the # promise I”ll surely call him tomorrow, he then said don’t be cheap to call him 1st. Excuse me??????????????????

Ur never right talking with drunken master hahaha


A week after, had some beer with my mates, then 1 of my mate (the spokesperson) gave me his # (Finally!!!) He had his old # before, so I was like, how the hell did u get his #?  Who else did u tell that I kinda like him??? No one… ok, whom u got the # from then?


He was just smiling and didn’t wanna tell me…., I didn’t tell anyone else that u kinda like him.


Asked him again off course cuz I was so curious how he got his #. After 3rd time askin he finally said…. Got it from his girl friend… hahahhahahahhahahhaha He then continued, well maybe she’s not his gf anymore… and I gave u what u wanted, his # hahhahhaha Thanks mate, I believe u wont tell his GF that I kinda like him hahahhahahha



Finally I got what I want, his #

Lost my appetite to call though hahahhaha

OOT : Question & Answer (Innocent & Annoying)

Innocent Questions, Innocent Answer 


Was around March, when we were in Pelabuhan Ratu, 8years old? Cute smart lil girl asked me suddenly out of the blue :p


Q : Tante Anne, how old are?

A : Im 30 (didn’t really feel like mentioning that # :P)

Q : Why aren’t married yet?

A : ………………………………………………………………………

(iiihh gemes deh  Got no right words to answer this innocent question, was just laughing, and have some friends laughin at me hahhahahah)


I remember beginning of this year 15 year old boy asked me exactly same questions I then answered :

‘it’s a choice, its not a must…. ‘


That was not too wise answer to 15year old boy, tiara said, but I was just bit surprise with that innocent question and didn’t know how to answer wisely  
He then argued, he thinks that it’s a must and normal thing to do.. hahaha (gemes banget deh…..) I had no more wise argument 4that


Well then………. few weeks ago, the same lil smart girl asked me, again out of the blue when I was driving otw to Bandung she asked,


Q : Tante Anne, Why u don’t have husband yet??

A : (Excuse me..??? ) hahhahah well, before I answer that, have u ever seen me having boyfriend?

Q : No

A : Well, ask me that again if u see me having boyfriend ok? I’ll try to answer then. Hahahahha (gemes lagi deh.. its so not fair, she never asked Tiara those questions)


Not gonna answer that why don’t u have husband yet hahhahahaha hold myself from answering the same to that 15years old boy


Annoying Questions, Annoying to Answer


Q : Hows love life?

A : Hahahahhahahahha what is that again? Sounds familiar 


Q : U have BF? Seeing some one?

A : Hahahahahahhahha (annoying to answer same annoying question with same answer for a while :p)


I now remember that there was handsome guy asked me that, u have boyfriend? No, I said (was not to annoying to answer at that time ) He then replied ooh not yet.. I didn’t ask him back though We ended up goin out for a month and somehow found out he probably have GF oeps...  Few moths after he’s gone with the wind back to his country, I met a guy ever said, its such a lame open line to ask a girl if she have gf. Oeps.. i fell for that lame  line (was not opening line though :P) hahahhaha


Well anyway…. There’s someone that I wonder if he has GF or not, but not dare enough to ask that annoying question :P hahhahahahha


Well next…….. :)


[Mates… if u know who that is… its DEFINITELY NOT 4PUBLIC CONSUMPTION ok????? :P:P:P:P thank you terima kasih]

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Weekend - San Fransisco 12 July 2008

Going around the city with bus starting 9am.

First we went to the Lombard Street where you can see the most crooked street in the world wonderfully weird :) We also went to see the Cliff HOuse, Seal Rock and the Pacific Ocean, another surfing place :)

And finally the Golden Gate, we walked over the bridge, couldnt stop takin pictures, couldnt help it. I really enjoyed the long walk, didnt feel tired at all during and after the long walk :) beautiful view, we're lucky cuz its not too hhmmm foggy? Clear sky :) Before going back to the hotel, stoped to see the famous Victorian houses at Alamo square, now that was a quick stop :( unfortunately we didnt have too much time to stay there.

After freshen up at the hotel we then continued to China Town, shopping time again (NOT for me) well only bought traveling bag, before having dinner at the Cathay House, Chinese food.

THen back again to the hotel at 8 pm. Have another short beer oclock with Julie, Irina, Jon, Anton and Jude. The bartender didnt ask for my ID when i ordered beer (do i look 50? thought i look 20... :P), but when we were sitting outside drinking and talking, the waiter asked for our ID, only had my Indonesian ID with me so gave him my Indonesian ID, after a minute checkin my ID he said, "sorry cant let u drink, cant see ur birthdate on this ID" ahahhahahha excuse me.. :)
I can imagine he wouldnt understand any word of indonesian on my indo ID but there is 3 dates on my ID :
- 02 Mar 2008 (im definitely not a baby.. )
- 15 Feb 2011 (hhmm?? not born yet? :P)
- 15 Feb 1978
Showed him the last date above (Yes im 30 :P) happpy now? hahahha

Continued working, night shift :) where we found Mr. Running, Mr. Pizza, Mr. Smoking ;) Funny great time though... :)

(to be continued...)

Last Weekend in California - Welcome to San Fransisco 11 July 2008

There was a choice to Yosemite, but unfortunately only 2 students wanted to go there, Indonesian students, that really surprise me :)

But so happy n thankful that i got a chance to experience San Fransisco, great city, loved it... :)

It was around 6hrs ride by bus from Thousand Oaks. Was hard to get up at 5 after packing the whole room to 2 suitcase :P lol

Arriving there, went straight to the Twin Peak, we then check in the Holiday Express Inn. Had a free nite, so walked around the Pier 39 with Julie, Jude and Anton, had dinner and a short beer o'clock after :P

Went back pretty early to hotel and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

(to be continued...)

Zuma Beach 10 Jul 08

Finally swimming in the beach :)
Cooolllddd water... freezing fresh though :) and dont feel cold when ur coming out from the water... :)